($20.00) Sensation, Perception and Attention
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Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper in which you discuss the type of environment that facilitates the attention and perceptive processes of each Learning Team member. Use at least (3) three peer reviewed articles to support your position. In order to prepare your report, perform the following activities:
a.            Conduct an open dialogue about each team member’s threshold for auditory stimuli.
b.            Compare the experiences and comfort levels of each team member with dichotic listening, or the “cocktail party” phenomenon.
c.            Discuss how dividing attention facilitates or impedes each team member’s learning.
d.            Identify and articulate what you see as the sensory perception problem involved.

e.             Make recommendations and ground rules that will accommodate the auditory sensation, perception, and attention to learning during your Learning Team meetings

($20.00) Sensation, Perception and Attention
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               Sensation, Perception, and Attention Your Name PSY 300 October 4, 2010 Bonnie Johnson Sensation, Perception, and Attention The abilities for sensation, perception, and attention vary from person to person. Many obstacles to communicating successfully are comparable from person to person, once these obstacles are perceived, steps can be taken to avoid these obstacles. Some people can attend a cocktail party and listen to multiple conversations at once while comprehending most of what is said. Other people can only hear one or two conversations and make any sense of them. These personal thresholds will differ according to environmental and personal factors. Some people can control their environment by minimizing noise, obtaining enough sleep and taking care of themselves in general, attending to these needs first will help a person to focus on what is perceived as important, whether it is at a conference or a cocktail party. Many students listen to classical music when studying, Mozart being the first choice. Studies have shown that listening to classical music helps one to concentrate on the task at hand, and helps to eliminate minor outside distractions. Amanda Rivera Part A: It is important to minimize distractions when reaching an auditory threshold. It is very hard for me to be able to hear anything when there is a lot of noise or distraction. When I try to work on my assignments for class, I have to make sure that my son is in bed, the television is cut off, and the only sounds are the air conditioner humming. It helps me to concentrate and the noise of the hum drowns out any noise coming from outside. However, I do not hear the air conditioner hum during the day when the television is on, or the construction workers are bulldozing across the street. People often use headphones to listen to their music from their IPods or laptops.             Headphones will minimize all outside distractions and noise, so they can only hear their music. This can be dangerous while walking or driving and has caused many accidents. Some laws have been made for a person not to wear headphones or talk on their cell phone while driving. This not only distracts the person from driving, but can also cause accidents when they are unaware of trains, ambulances, or honking of horns of other drivers.             I’d like to think that I am a multi-taker with the husband, six kids and working full ti ...

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